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Search by Items

     All tenders are classified into around 100 categories of items. Utmost care is taken in classifying the tenders. You may select any one of the category to get the tenders of your choice.

Search by Date

     If you want to see the tenders which are opened with in the specific dates, you may choose this option by giving both starting and ending dates you can see the tenders within the specified dates. If you mention starting date all tenders starting from the given date shall be displayed.


     If you want to limit your search only to a particular state, you may specify the state required.


     If you think that you want to go only for tenders for certain amount, this search is for you. You may get tenders classified in five ranges.



     We have identified around 350 major organizations, which are floating tenders. You may select any one of them.  If you find difficult to search a particular organization because of the large number you can use ‘power search’ option, which is described below.

Power Search

   This search has two options.

     i.      Key Search

    ii.      Search on organization

In the first case it makes search on the description of the tender. If you find lot many tenders are displayed by the option described above, you can choose the power search option. 

Suppose you want to see the tenders of bags. Bags are not available in the classified list (option I).  So you type the ‘bag’ in box key value. After pressing ‘search now’ button you may see a list of tenders containing the key word ‘bag’ in their description. Now if you want to further restrict your search to say ‘sugar bag’, type ‘sugar + bag’ or ‘bag + sugar’ or ‘sugar, bag’  in the key value box. You will get the tenders having both the key word bag & sugar. Do not enter ‘sugar bag’ in the box, because it will try to search ‘sugar bag’ in the same order with one space in between. This may not give you the desired result. Also use the ‘bag’ instead to ‘bags’ because ‘bag’ will search ‘bags’ also.

The same concept is applicable to organizations. For example if you write ‘electricity’, it will show all tenders of the organizations having the word ‘electricity’ in them. Like

      Electricity Department, Andaman Nicobar  
      Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board, Mandi            
      Electricity Urban Distribution Division (IV), Varansi     
      Gujarat Electricity Board, Baroda                      
      Rajasthan State Electricity Board, Kota  

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