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Prasar Bharati --  Tender Notices

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S.No. Last Date of submission of tender
1 05-12-2017 11:30:00    
  Expansion/ Replacement of FM Transmitters under new scheme projects Approved in 12th Plan. SH : APP water proofing treatment above studio and Office block at AIR, FM, Bijapur
2 04-12-2017 15:00:00    
  Replacing CFL/ Metal halide / sodium vapour street light/ flood light fittings by LED type street light/ flood light fittings of Studio cum Transmitter Complex and Staff quarters at HMT layout for DDK, at Bengaluru.
3 04-12-2017 15:00:00    
  SITC of New LED fittings in the Ground Floor studio rooms except main studios and Control room area at AIR, Hyderabad
4 04-12-2017 14:00:00    
  For Installation of submersible pump in newly constructed deep bore well at AIR, Quarter complex at Rourkela
5 04-12-2017 15:00:00    
  A/R & M/O Soochna Bhawan, New Delhi for the year 2017-18 (SH : Maintenance of Horticulture works, indoor and outdoor plants from Ground Floor to 11th Floor and premises at Soochna Bhawan)
6 04-12-2017 12:00:00    
  Providing and laying paver block foot path at both the sides of internal road from temple to E- 1 block staff quarters at HPT, AIR, Avadi
7 04-12-2017 12:00:00    
  Providing water proof coating to the first floor roof of office block on the existing pressed clay tiles area at AIR, Chennai-4.
8 04-12-2017 12:00:00    
  Providing Profile sheet roofing by removing the old damaged AC sheet at circle office( except Architect section and planning hall), Chennai-05
9 30-11-2017 15:00:00    
  Special Repairs to Electrical Installation of Divisional Office ( Civil), at Chennai.(SH: Rewiring of Electrical installation, Computer wiring in Main Hall including SDB etc.)
10 30-11-2017 15:00:00    
  Modification of existing 3x50 KW transmitters building at HPT, AIR Kingsway Camp Delhi for setting up new 2 Nos. AM- DRM SW 100 KW Transmitters and its Antenna (SH: - SH - Providing LT panel, flood light etc)
11 30-11-2017 11:30:00    
  Replacing of old damaged GI Pipes with CPVC Pipes of Type "B" and Type C" Staff Quarters of AIR, Raichur
12 30-11-2017 12:00:00    
  Repairing to the security fencing ( East side) damaged due to fallen steel tower during Vardha Cyclone at HPT, AIR, Avadi
13 30-11-2017 12:00:00    
  Providing Vitrified tile flooring to corridors in between Studio I and old A/C plant rooms at DDK, Chennai-05
14 30-11-2017 12:00:00    
  For Internal and external painting of LPT & DMC for DDK, Coimbatore
15 30-11-2017 12:00:00    
  For Painting to weld mesh with steel grill the compound wall at 2x100 kw Tr. Building at HPT, AIR, Avadi, Chennai - 62.
16 29-11-2017 16:00:00    
  For Painting of 100 meter MW self radiating Guy supported mast at Transmitter AIR, Jalipa Barmer 2) For Paiting of 40 meter self supported STL Tower at Studio Site AIR Barmer 3) For Painting of 45 meter self supported STL Tower at Transmitter AIR Barmer
17 28-11-2017 15:00:00    
  Corrigendum Providing submersible motor pump set in sump well and cubical type panel board in pump room including pump room wiring fan, fittings and earthing at ADG ( E ) (SZ) office Chennai
18 27-11-2017 15:00:00    
  Annual Electrical Maintenance Metro Staff qtrs. Kingsway Camp, Delhi for the year 2017-18 (SH: Rewinding & Repairing of 2nd Sewage pump Set and open well pump set at Pocket B).
19 27-11-2017 15:00:00    
  Renovation of Internal Electrical Wiring i/c P & F LED fittings & fans in Rooms of ADG(E)/P & ADG(E)( AVM) at 4th floor of Akashvani Bhawan, Kolkata
20 27-11-2017 15:00:00    
  For re- painting of feeder line poles of All India Radio, Khampur Delhi.
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